HEATHLY DELIGHT COOKING OIL is a family business. I was inspired

by friends who made me realize the importance of promoting this

product in the market. They Loved it!!! My passion for years has

been 'consume and promote healthy choices'. This has been my

motto at home. Due to my busy life, I was looking for a better way

to combine different ingredients that can be used in a healthy way.

I wanted a product that would make my life simple, efficient and delicious! Voila!! this is how this wonderful product was born in my kitchen, and my son named it. Great for seasoning, basting, baking, cooking, marinating, dipping. Marinate your meat or salmon, or season your favorite pasta, rice or beans, or use it as a dressing in your salad with balsamic vinegar, or dip your favorite bread. There are hundreds of ways to use this marvelous oil. Thanks to Healthy Delight, my life is easier. With these 8.5 ounces of oil, you will be able to have, in your kitchen, the secret ingredient of my yummy and tasty, healthy oil!

Vendors participating in the Farmers Market Nutrition Program:
Bleiler's Produce Patch
Jus Kiddin Around Farm

Pappy's Orchard & Bakery

10th Anniversary Celebration

This is the Farmers Market 10th Season!  Come celebrate with us on June 30th.  We will have music entertainment and Jolly Holly will be making balloon sculptures for the kids.  There will be a "cake walk" with prizes of gift certificates from the Market Vendors and free raffle drawings of prizes donated by the Market Sponsors.  The Vendors will have Anniversary Specials, too.  So come out, have a piece of Anniversary Cake and see what all the Market has to offer!

 The Macungie Farmers Market is a producer/grower market committed to providing locally grown, fresh food; to preserving our agricultural heritage; and to building community.  The Market helps support local agriculture by connecting farmers with consumers.  This means that you buy directly from the farmers and artisans themselves, not from third parties or re-sellers. Since all vendors are producing these products for you, they can often explain best handling and preparation methods and are always willing to offer FREE advice.

Macungie Memorial Park
50 N Poplar Street, Macungie
along Walnut Street side of the park

Every Thursday, May 19 to October 27, 2016

4:00 to 7:00 pm

with the exception of Thursday, August 25


Farmers' Market

Kid's Petting Zoo


What Knott Farm is bringing  farm animals to the Market this week, June 23.  Bring the kids to interact with the animals. 

All of the fruits and vegetables sold are seasonal. Products that will be available at the market are:


beef, chicken, pork

sourdough breads

different flavors of sausage
jams and jellies

kettlecorn popcorn & nuts
fresh baked goods

homemade baked beans
estate-grown wines

home preserved foods
natural peanut butter

herbs & plants
fruit smoothies

​prepared foods - sandwiches, sliders,

salads, Egyptian food

cut flowers

and lots more.